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About Us

Code Of Conduct

In rela­tion to chil­dren we will:

  • Act in the best inter­ests of the children.
  • Cre­ate and main­tain a safe, healthy envi­ron­ment which encour­ages growth and devel­op­ment as well as enjoyment.
  • Rec­og­nize chil­dren as com­pe­tent learn­ers and active par­tic­i­pants in their environment.
  • Treat chil­dren with respect and encour­age indi­vid­ual strengths.
  • Build pos­i­tive rela­tion­ships with chil­dren in order for them to feel safe, secure and supported.

    In rela­tion to fam­i­lies we will:

    • Rec­og­nize that fam­i­lies are a child’s first teacher.
    • Devel­op part­ner­ships with fam­i­lies based on hon­esty, sup­port and respect.
    • Respect and sup­port cul­tur­al prac­tices and indi­vid­ual par­ent­ing choices.
    • Main­tain con­fi­den­tial­i­ty and fam­i­lies right to privacy.
    • Main­tain professionalism.

      In rela­tion to col­leagues we will:

      • Build col­lab­o­ra­tive rela­tion­ships based on respect, sup­port and honesty.
      • Acknowl­edge, wel­come and sup­port indi­vid­ual strengths, expe­ri­ences and diversity.
      • Col­lab­o­rate in order to share and build on indi­vid­ual knowl­edge, resources and ideas.
      • Act eth­i­cal­ly and respectfully.
      • Main­tain pro­fes­sion­al­ism and con­fi­den­tial­i­ty in line with the scheme’s poli­cies, pro­ce­dures and legislation.