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Educator Profiles

I am Sadia from Bangladesh. 

I have more than 8 years of expe­ri­ence with­in the child care sector. 

My aim is to pro­vide a warm, safe, secure and nur­tur­ing environment. 

I will strive to build trust­ing rela­tion­ships with all chil­dren, to enhance each child’s sense of belong­ing and well­be­ing, which in return sup­ports each child’s holis­tic development. 

I am Han­nah

I have been work­ing with­in ear­ly child­hood edu­ca­tion since 2010

I start­ed my own adven­ture and fam­i­ly day care busi­ness with Fam­i­ly Day Care in 2018

I love the oppor­tu­ni­ty for learn­ing beyond walls and how the chil­dren don’t feel lim­it­ed by their surroundings.

I am Melis­sa and have lived in Alice Springs since 2007 with my hus­band and 4 sons and been an Edu­ca­tor with ASFDC since 2015.

My day care envi­ron­ment con­sists of a large grassed yard with many places for chil­dren of all ages to explore, play and learn. Veg­etable gar­dens, fruit trees, chick­ens and ducks are all part of our pro­gram and I encour­age all the chil­dren to become involved – which means get­ting dirty and hands on with nature. Fol­low­ing the EYLF we learn through play which gives me the oppor­tu­ni­ty to build on learn­ing expe­ri­ences by fol­low­ing the children’s interests.

We love get­ting out and about in the com­mu­ni­ty and go on excur­sions to var­i­ous loca­tions around town, includ­ing play­group and play gym ran by ASFDC.

My favorite thing about FDC is the trust and rela­tion­ships we build with the chil­dren and families.

I am Julie and I start­ed my child­care jour­ney with ASFDC in 1983 to enable me to earn a small income while being home with my own chil­dren. Many moons and count­less day­care chil­dren lat­er (while there have been chal­lenges like increased reg­u­la­tions and paper­work) help­ing out fam­i­lies and watch­ing their chil­dren grow and blos­som has been the ulti­mate reward.

About 20 years ago while on an inter­na­tion­al child­care con­fer­ence in Swe­den I came across this poem which is a reminder of why I con­tin­ue to and love work­ing with children.

A Hun­dred Years From Now it will not mat­ter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove but the world may be dif­fer­ent because I was impor­tant in the life of a CHILD.

My Name is Eta and I am Fijian Chi­nese born and raised in Fiji and began the next chap­ter of my life’s jour­ney in Aus­tralia in 2001.

I have more than fif­teen years of expe­ri­ence with­in the Child Care sec­tor, years of expe­ri­ence rais­ing my own chil­dren and have been an Edu­ca­tor with Alice Springs Fam­i­ly Day Care since 2014.

As an edu­ca­tor, I am an exten­sion of you; your chil­dren become an exten­sion of my family.I wil­len­sure that your chil­dren are shown all the care, love and pro­tec­tion that you as their par­ent give them, and they deserve. I believe self-esteem, pos­i­tive think­ing, man­ners, con­sid­er­a­tion of, and for oth­ers and resilience are very valu­able char­ac­ter­is­tics for our young chil­dren to take with them into the world.

As an edu­ca­tor, I endeav­our to pro­vide a warm, friend­ly and nur­tur­ing home like envi­ron­ment for all chil­dren and families.

My name is Rebec­ca Court and as an edu­ca­tor for Alice Springs Fam­i­ly Day-care I: 

Teach, encour­age, instruct, men­tor, praise , influ­ence, guide, and inspire.

My Name is Nino and I am born and raised in Sici­ly, Italy. 

After migrat­ing to Aus­tralia 21 Years ago I first set­tled in Kal­go­or­lie, WA

We moved to Alice more than 7 years ago and I have been work­ing as an Edu­ca­tor with ASFDC for almost 3 years.

I am a Father of five myself and very pas­sion­ate about ear­ly child­hood education.

I very much enjoy work­ing with chil­dren, to observe and expe­ri­ence there imag­i­na­tive play, to watch them grow and develop.